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About Us

Why Piggles Trust?

Harriet, our daughter was born with a serious congenital heart defect, which unfortunately was not diagnosed at birth, but at a year old.  She had her first open heart surgery a couple of months later.  This operation though successful required a second open heart surgery the following year.  In between surgeries her appetite diminished, which is not uncommon for a child with her condition, consequently a feeding tube was inserted.  Despite all this she was starting to thrive.


Twelve months ago she was struck down with a bacterial infection on her heart. She proved to be a complex and unique patient and really challenged the medical team treating her. She had severe adverse reactions to every antibiotic. Then she acquired a life threatening arrhythmia and we patiently waited 7 gruelling months in hospital for her to be at minimal risk for the defibrillator to be inserted.  She came through this horrendous ordeal with flying colours.


In getting home just before Christmas Harriet enjoyed some long overdue and hugely cherished family time and got straight back into normal life, playing with friends, going on holiday, attending nursery and generally being a bossy little 4 year old.


In May 2016 Harriet suddenly fell ill and tragically died within hours. It was not heart related but thought to be an infection. Ultimately when the infection so aggressively took over, her heart was under too much pressure to be able to fight it.


The overwhelming shock that the family and friends are feeling is immense. To be taken in this way after everything she had been through is incomprehensible and so cruel. Her name and character will live on in Piggles Trust, a Charity set up to provide pre-school education to patients and their siblings in hospital.

Who Are We?


Caroline Martin

Founder and Trustee

Caroline is the mother of Harriet and founder of Piggles Trust. She also has a 2 year old son called Toby. Together as a family they are drawing strength from the work they are doing with the Charity, to continue the name of Harriet.

Caroline and Edward also have two dogs, Aggie and Gertie who act as a constant source of love and affection, as well as involving some lovely long walks to escape and think.


Edward Martin

Founder and Trustee

Edward is a Chartered Surveyor, working for Shojin Property Partners. He was born and raised in Hampshire, where he has again returned after getting married.

With Caroline, he has founded Piggles Trust – making a difference bringing support to families in difficult circumstances.

Edward is a keen sportsman, in particular squash and cricket and a veteran of two Fastnet races! (perhaps these days watching rather than playing!!)


Christopher Utley


Christopher is a Chartered Surveyor and Director of a family owned commercial property company. He lives in North Buckinghamshire with his wife and two children and enjoys ferrying his family around at weekends and in between this running and playing squash and tennis.


Caroline Banks


Caroline works full time as an Operations Director for an American company working to help long term unemployed people back to work. She is also the wife of Richard and mother to two boys; James and William. Caroline’s youngest William was born with a heart condition, which has meant he has so far undergone three open-heart surgeries. This therefore means Caroline is very aware of the devastating impact of a serious health condition and associated hospital stays not only for the affected child, but the whole family.


Simon Popple


Simon is the Managing Director of Brookville Capital (a capital raising business) as well as the Editor of Gold Speculator (a publication run by Agora Financial). Prior to that he was a Director of Topland Group, one of Europe’s largest private companies. He also spent several years in the city working in Corporate Finance at ABN AMRO and Singer & Friedlander. He holds an MBA from Birmingham University as well as a Diploma from the Securities Institute. He was educated at Stancliffe Hall and Oakham School and lives in Lewes with his family, Rosalind, Lucie and Bentley (their Yellow Lab!).


Joanna Disley

Marketing & Comms Advisor

Jo is Harriet’s Aunt and a busy mother to two young Daughters.  Jo works part time as a Senior Director at a global Marketing agency and enjoys running to keep fit.  Jo and her family live in Chester and is proud to be involved with honouring Harriet’s name in this way.


Georgina Sangiorgio

Admin Officer

George is a friend of Caroline and Teddy’s and mother to 3 young children. Having had a few years away from work since moving back from Rome, she has recently started helping Caroline with Piggles Trust.

George and her family live in Hampshire.