Piggles Trust | Where The Money Goes
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Where The Money Goes

Setting The Scene

Creating a ‘normal’ environment within the most ‘abnormal’ of situations is the hardest challenge any children’s department within a hospital is faced with.


Whilst addressing the clinical needs of the most unwell children, it is no less important to consider the overall emotional, developmental and mental wellbeing of the child and their family. The complete upheaval, change of environment away from  ‘normal’ family life, coupled with the fear of uncertainty all play a huge role in this hugely distressing time for both the child and, just as importantly, their family.


Piggles Trust aims to bridge some of these gaps by creating more of a  ‘home from home’ experience, specifically through education.


When children are in hospital they suffer considerably by missing out on vital education that ordinarily they would receive. They should not fail to experience the benefits of education due to their confinement in hospital. Children who are unwell deserve, need, and will benefit from education just as much as their peers.


Education is currently provided within hospitals on a very rare and ad-hoc basis, with little or no awareness of this.  Across the board, no provision at all is made for pre-school aged children despite this being such a crucial learning stage. Outside of the hospital environment it forms an integral part of their development as well as a means for them to form friendships and most importantly, being  a child.

What Do We Do?

Piggles Trust has a vision – To create Early Years Educational facilities to hospitals across the country.


We want to create a team of Nursery Nurses within all Children’s Hospitals providing vital educational provisions which are currently so lacking.


We want to focus on both patients and their siblings so the WHOLE family can benefit from Piggles Trust. The children therefore wont miss out on their education, whilst also allowing parents some much needed respite. The family can then feel confident and reassured that their child is not missing out on their child’s educational foundations whilst they are in hospital.


Children are entitled to receive this education and we are committed to delivering this in the hospital environment so everyone can benefit.


This has NEVER been done before. This is GROUNDBREAKING and we will make sure that the children and the parents can benefit from the work that Piggles Trust does.